The IRRAD Facility is CLOSED during the LS2.

Beam operation in the CERN East Area will restart in 2021.

The access to the IRRAD Facility infrastructure is limited due to the onging rennovation works. In case of need, please contact before submitting your access request.

Facility description

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The IRRAD proton facility is located on the T8 beam-line at the CERN PS East Hall (building 157) where the primary proton beam with a momentum of 24GeV/c is extracted from the PS ring.

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To irradiate small passive material sample at room temperature (RT):
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To irradiate bigger samples and to perform active irradiation experiments at RT or -25ยบ C:
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Beam parameters

IRRAD Beam Parameters


Federico Ravotti
Giuseppe Pezzullo
IRRAD Control Room

Access and safety

Two distinct ADaMS permissions are necessary to access IRRAD:

You will also have to take safety into account.

Dosimetry results

You can check the last dosimetry results here
You can access the archive of results back to 2001 here