An updated version of the IRRAD Safety Course (mandatory to access the beam area) is now available: click here!

The registration of user experiments for the proton run 2024 is now OPEN

See news of 12/02/2024

Facility description

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The IRRAD proton facility is located on the T8 beam-line at the CERN PS East Hall (building 157) where the primary proton beam with a momentum of 24GeV/c is extracted from the PS ring.

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To irradiate small passive material sample at room temperature (RT):
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To irradiate bigger samples and to perform active irradiation experiments at RT or -25º C:
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User support

EURO-LABS offers supports transnational access to IRRAD:​

  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs, technical support at the facility (allowing to cover part of the operational costs)

  • All eligible IRRAD users are requested to apply!

  • The application procedure​ is described :​


Federico Ravotti
Giuseppe Pezzullo
IRRAD Control Room

Access and safety

Two distinct ADaMS permissions are necessary to access IRRAD:

You will also have to take safety into account.

Dosimetry results

You can check the last dosimetry results here
You can access the archive of results back to 2001 here