Technical description

The IRRAD proton facility is also equipped with a cryostat (named IRRAD15) filled with liquid Helium to allow special irradiation runs with samples exposed at cryogenic temperature down to 1.8K. The cryostat is mounted downstream the proton area on a dedicated remotely controlled irradiation table which allow moving the cryostat into the beam or close to it (along the x-axis only).

Full description:
Prepare samples for the cryostat

The mounting of the samples inside the cryostat and their electrical connectivity is carried out while the cryostat is sitting in the storage area. Afterwards, the cryostat is transported inside the irradiation bunker, through the access chicane, using a custom-made trolley on four wheels.

The Cryogenic system is put into operation only when a cryogenic irradiation is requested. For the rest of the time, the cryogenic system is switched off. The irradiation request has to go through the EP irradiation team, which is also taking care of coordinating the preparation of the experiment, the installation in the IRRAD bunker, as well as the positioning of the cryostat inside the beam during irradiation.

To have more details on how to prepare an experiment with the cryostat, please contact IRRAD Facility Team.
Sample holder for the cryostat