Personnel safety

Safety courses NECESSARY to access the irradiation area:

IRRAD (during the beam operation periods only)
Electrical Safety - Awareness - Facilities (OR one of the many Habilitation Electrique courses available in the CERN Training Catalogue)

Safety courses optional to access the irradiation area:

Electrical Safety - Working in EP experiments (for members of the EP department only as defined in EDMS 2539300)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Information about the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in CERN Accelerators and Experimental Halls is available on EDMS 1223620
Personal Protective Equipments are available at CERN Stores (SCEM Code 50.xx.xx)

Personal Dosimetry:

Check dosimetry service website for detailed information about obtaining a dosimeter
Safety in Experiments
Information about adequate radiation protection for irradiation of materials or components in IRRAD (PRP 17) is available at EDMS 1717433
CERN Safety Rules
Get an overview of CERN safety rules here.