Storage and handling

Storage area

The storage area is a bunker of about 5m×10m delimited by concrete shielding blocks. The internal layout of this area is organized in sub-areas that are used for the handling and storage of the irradiated samples at both room and low temperature (-20°C) inside dedicated freezers or for the installation of the semi-permanent measurement setup.

Post-irradiation measurements

The IRRAD1B control room, located at the first floor of bld. 157, allows the users to install long-lasting post-irradiation measurement setups wired to the samples in the downstairs storage area via a series of dedicated pre-installed cable ducts and patch-panels. This allows the IRRAD users to keep, whenever possible, their irradiated material on site without the need of transporting it outside the shielded and the classified radiation area.
Moreover, the IRRAD storage area is equipped with:

An oven for annealing studies and a Climatic Chamber. More information about this specific test-bench is available here
A station to perform soldering on weakly radioactive electronics components
A station with microscope for inspections of irradiated objects
A probe-station equipped with a semiconductor parameters analyser. More information about this specific test-bench is available here
Workspace 157/R-062
Microscope for inspecting objects
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